Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marketing My Career by Tony Green

Every professional should create a plan for marketing their careers. The plan does not need to written down all of the time, however, at minimum a mental game-plan should exist for getting the most out of your talents.

One of the best guides I have come across on how to market yourself is book called “Marketing your Career” by Linda Popky. One of the strengths was it used all of key words involved in marketing services and products among them positioning, differentiation, branding, and value proposition and deftly applied them to the ultimate product in everyone’s mind … you.

Linda was gracious enough to conduct a workshop on the topic while I was the V.P. of Workshops at the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association. (SVAMA)

Periodically, I re-read the book to ensure I am doing the things required to make certain I maximize my chances to having the most successful and lucrative career possible. In many careers including sales and management one often gets occupied in the day to day job requirements which accompany these types of positions.

It is easy to lose course of the overall picture of your desired overall professional destination. Case in point, I neglected reviewing my plan since I started my new position over a year ago. I am overdue for another review of Linda’s Book.

If you need guidance to your professional plan the following link to the website should set you in the right direction.

The expense of time and money will be well worth your time if you are thinking about marketing yourself and your career.


Linda Popky said...

Hi Tony. Thanks for the kind comment about the book. Just wanted to let you know that I now have a companion workbook available, and I am offering workshops and coaching on this topic too.

The workbook is available at, or from

Contact me, for more info about the workshops and 1:1 coaching.


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